Dobermann Training & Development Activities

One of our primary aims and objectives is to advise and educate existing and potential owners of the breed on their moral and legal responsibilities of owning and caring for such a noble dog and this includes training, socialisation, health and welfare and breeding. The reputation, future and well being of the Breed is vested in everyone who owns, care’s for or accepts responsibility for a Dobermann in any shape or form and for any length of time.

Dobermanns are extremely intelligent, determined and strong willed. There is no other breed of dog like them and to own one is a challenge and a privilege for which they will reward you with loyalty and love the like of which you will never have experienced before in your life! In return they ask for nothing more than for you to be there for them when they need you, a secure home for life and you respect them for what they are a Dobermann, not a toy, not a disposable commodity, not a punch bag! Like humans, Dobermanns have feelings too?

We offer advice and guidance on all aspects of Dobermann ownership, welfare, training and education by senior members of the Club who between them have many years experience of owning, breeding, training, showing and Judging Dobermanns. This service is available to you in person or at the end of a phone or by email 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! We cannot achieve the impossible but we will give it a damn good try!!

For help or advice or to arrange a one to one assessment please contact us