“Dobermann Cardiac TROPONIN I (cTnI) Testing Scheme”

 AT a Seminar on the 20/02/2011 reference was made to a Troponin I test which could be made at two years old. At a meeting of the then Dobermann Breed Council the following week it was agreed that we should investigate the options of utilising this method of testing in partnership with the University of Liverpool Small Animal Hospital where cardiologist Dr. Jo Dukes-McEwan was conducting research into in to a cardiac biomarker. Recently, Gerhard Wess and his group in Germany identified that cardiac Troponin I levels correlated well with echocardiographic status of Dobermanns.

At the Dobermann Breed Council meeting on 25/06/2011 it was unanimously agreed to establish a “Dobermann Cardiac TROPONIN I (cTnI) Testing Scheme” at the request of the DBC in conjunction with Liverpool University and the only UK laboratory which commercially run this test.

A simple blood sample can be taken by your vet and submitted to the elected laboratory for testing the result will indicate if your Dobermann has a normal value cTnI level or an increased level.  If the results come back with an increased level of cTnI than normal the next step would be to get an Echo and Holter so that screening is more focused.  It is important that Troponin I (cTnI) testing should be done annually, it is a relatively inexpensive test.

It was also agreed that the DBC will pay up to £50 max towards the cost of each Dobermann tested whilst funds are  available