2018 NECDS Champ Show 

Our thanks go to Mrs Valerie Willis (Tazokha) for judging our Championship Show on Sunday 16th September 2018

All Photographs courtesy of Joanne Childs Photography

All photographs taken at the show are available for purchase

Dog CC & Best In Show CH Korifey Onyx JW ShCM

Bitch CC & Reserve Best In show CH Remesca Rouge Noir To Aniiraz JW

Reserve Dog CC Repertoire Simply Red

Reserve Bitch CC Jasprico Flower Bomb JW ShCM

Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show Holyhell’s Hary’s Boy For Toffarbach (Imp Serb)

Best Veteran Dog & Best Veteran In Show Sharhyste Dark Reflection At Jasprico ShCM

Veteran Dog (3)(1a)
1st Sharhyste Dark Reflection At Jasprico ShCM BVD & BVIS
2nd CH Aritaur Cardinal Red At Jodaseen ShCM
Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st Holyhell’s Hary’s Boy For Toffarbach (Imp Serb) BPD & BPIS
Puppy Dog (0)
Junior Dog (3)
1st Nerak Wot A Dream
2nd Holyhell’s Serbian Night Fever At Toffarbach (Imp Serb)
3rd Korifey Dark Night
Yearling Dog (2)
1st Jasprico French Rebellion
2nd Via Felicium Vettel JW (Imp Rus)
Novice Dog (1)
1st Holyhell’s Hary’s Boy For Toffarbach (Imp Serb)
Graduate Dog (1)
1st Supeta’s Backstabber JW
Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st Khaneve Benidict
2nd Luftez Astronomy ShCM
Limit Dog (5)(2a)
1st Repertoire Simply Red RDCC
2nd Ottia Uptown Funk At Kaistart JW BH AD
3rd Lateagain Satisfaction
Open Dog (6)(2a)
1st CH Korifey Onyx JW ShCM DCC & BIS
2nd CH Remesca’s Rosinni JW ShCM
3rd Korifey Rage JW
Res CH/LUX CH Stormhold Elite Warlord For Toffarbach JW
Veteran Bitch (3)(1a)
1st Ashlain Kazavati JW ShCM BVB
2nd Aritaur Dita Von Teese At Jagelka
Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Sant Kreal Jewel For Supeta (Imp Rus) BPB & RBPIS
2nd Oi Doris Wot A Thriller (Imp Fra) NAF
Puppy Bitch (2)(1a)
1st Oi Doris Wot A Thriller (Imp Fra) NAF
Junior Bitch (4)
1st Evalesco High Voltage
2nd Nerak Pocketful Of Dreams
3rd Diego’s Feelin Funky
Res Gracelands Chocolate Drop
Yearling Bitch (3)(1a)
1st Cobradeils Once Upon A Dream
2nd Molly Rocks Wot A Thriller (Imp Fra)
Novice Bitch (0)
Graduate Bitch (2)
1st Ackley Park Harmony At Liason
2nd Cockneyoka Night Nurse
Post Graduate Bitch (6)(1a)
1st Jasprico Flower Bomb JW ShCM RBCC
2nd Supeta’s Paloma
3rd Jojavik Kissy Suzuki ShCM
Res Izralight Relight My Fire
VHC Cockneyoka Night Nurse
Limit Bitch (7)(2a)
1st Diego’s Daisy Duke
2nd Amazon Let Me Love You JW
3rd Knecht Marika
Res Vonedstram Valeska
VHC Lateagain Falling For You
Open Bitch (9)
1st CH Remesca Rouge Noir To Aniiraz JW BCC & RBIS
2nd CH Nerak Twist Of Fate JW ShCM
3rd CH Supeta’s Spells Trouble JW ShCM
Res Evalesco Honey Trap
VHC CH Korifey Black Diamond

Judge Val Willis – Tazokha

North East Counties Dobermann Society

Championship  Show 16th September 2018

First I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this show it was an honor and I had such an enjoyable day, thank you also to my stewards and a special thank you to Roger for driving me to and from the show. Thank you to the exhibits I was told an entry of 65 was very good these days. Temperaments throughout were superb,

VD(3)(1a) 1 Richardson Sharhyste Dark Reflection at Jasprico ShCM  Black/rust 8.5 yrs  nice shaped head and dark eye, good length neck, topline &     tailset   overall a well-balanced dog, BVD,BVIS

2 Sanderson CH Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen ShCM Brown/Rust another well put together dog found out after he was a CH and a well-deserved one, but unfortunately today the bitches that had been in the ring before him got to him and he could not lift his head off the ground, poor boy

MPD (1)Todd Holyhell’s Hary’s Boy for Toffarbach (IMP SERB) Black/Rust 6mths old so well behaved stood like a pro Good forechest and depth of ribs nice turn of stifle and moved well, hope he doesn’t get too tall and sure he has a long and happy future ahead BPD,BPIS

PD (0)

JD (3) 1 Grace & Lawson Nerak Wot A Dream Br/Rust yes wot a dream square well balanced with enough bone and substance am sure he will go far

2 Todd  Holyhell’s Serbian Night Fever at Toffarbach (IMP SERB) BL/Rust Good head, dark eye, nice reach of neck into a strong topline preferred the movement of 1

3 Jones  Korifey Dark Night

YD (2) 1 Richardson  Jasprico French Rebellion A nice boy Good head and eye Plenty of bone, topline and tailset   tight feet moved with drive

2 McCall Via Felicium Vettel  JW (IMP RUS)  Well developed forechest nice deep ribs well sprung another good mover 1 and 2 could change places another day I preferred the head of 1 it was nice to see a dock tail.

ND (1)    Holyhell’s  Hary’s  Boy

GD (1) 1 Brown &  Mycroft  Supeta’s Backstabber JW  Good wedge head with dark almond shaped eye. Earset, well developed chest & hindquarters

PGD (2) 1 Bevans  Khaneve   Benidict  2yr old br/rust Good front with well let down brisket to the elbows, nice  topline & tailset a lot to like about this boy movement could be better

2 Radford &  Hemmings   Luftez Astronomy ShCM  Liked his length of neck longer in back than 1 nice  depth of muzzle rust markings dark.

LD (5)(2a) 1 Bishop Repertoire Simply Red   Loved his head, strong neck leading into straight topline which was kept on the move, nice front and good bone. RDCC

2 Layton  Ottia Uptown Funk at Kaistart JW BH AD  Taller than 1 nice smart dog deep ribs well sprung nice turn of  stifle stood on good arched feet

3 Groves & Lafford  Lateagain Satisfaction

OD (6)(2a) 1  Moore, McPhee & Jones  CH Korifey Onyx  JW ShCM  in excellent condition Standard in size with good bone & angulation, nice head & expression, muscular hindquarters my DCC & BIS

2 Brough  CH Remesca’s Rosinni JW ShCM  Br/Rust  muscular with plenty of bone and substance but not over done moved with drive

3 Rennie  Korifey Rage JW

VB (3)(1a) 1 Lainchbury  Ashlain Kazavita  JW ShCM   9yrs old in good condition nice front and rear drive on the move BVB

2 Ward  Aritaur Dita Von Teese at Jagelka   black with nice rust markings head & reach of neck good with a sound topline

MPB (2) 1 Mycroft  Sant Kreal Jewel for Supeta  (IMP RUS) A good balanced puppy forechest deep brisket topline & tailset all good for one so young a promising future for her BPB RBPIS

2 Briscoe  ol Doris Wot a Thriller (IMP FRA) Another nice pup not yet got the bone of 1 good rear angulation

PB (2)(1a) 1 Ol Doris Wot a Thriller

JB (4) 1 Hickling  Evalesco High Voltage Nice smart bitch compact good bone nice tan markings moved well

2 King  Nerak  Pocketfull of Dreams Good  wedge shaped head and almond shaped eye topline & tailset good

3 Murray & McCall  Diego’s Feeling Funky

YB (3)(1a) 1 Shaws  Graceland Chocolate Drop    Short coupled with good reach of neck firm topline well developed forechest would have liked more bend on stifle

2 Atherton  Molly Rocks Wot a Thriller (IMP FRA) Not sure if this was owner & bitch’s first ever show but with ring craft training the dog would look more relaxed

NB (0)

GB (2) 1 Swain   Ackley Park Harmony at Liason  Smart bitch with good depth of muzzle  well filled under eyes good dark colour Front legs straight & parallel to each other, hind quarters well developed & muscular standing on nice tight feet.

2 Wilson   Cockneyoka Night Nurse This owner & bitch was so brave to enter a champ show never shown before neither knew what they would have to do which I could not assess her sitting down and hope they both enjoyed there day and encourage both to have ring craft training

PGB (6)(1a) 1 Richardson  Jasprico Flower Bomb JW ShCM  Good head & eye long neck, level topline, nice bone structure moved with drive & purpose RBCC

2 Clark Supeta’s Paloma  Another lovely bitch of standard size, Good rib cage reaching to elbow well developed forechest.

3 Massey Jojavik Kissy Suzuki

LB (7) 1 Murray  Diego’s Daisy Duke   The first thing you notice with this bitch is it’s super long neck, firm topline. Good developed forechest, would have liked a little more bend on stifle

2 Evans, Pittendrigh & Bloome   Amazon Let Me Love You  JW   A nice feminine bitch all round Good front and depth moved well

3 Downie  Knecht Marika

OB (9)(1a) 1 Brough  Ch Remesca Rouge Noir To Anllraz  JW   BL/rust in super condition lovely feminine head good length of muzzle in complete proportion moved with drive and power BCC & RBIS

2 King   Ch Nerak Twist of Fate   JW ShCM   Another quality bitch good bone & muscle tone strong topline with correct tailset today 1 had a better belly tuck up, that was all that split them.

3 Mycroft   CH Supeta’s Spells Trouble JW ShCM

Judge Val Willis