Judge Martin Horgan (Aritaur)

North East Counties Dobermann Society Open Show

Saturday 27th July 2013  

Many thanks to the committee for giving me the chance to judge our lovely breed and to the exhibitors who not only entered, but stayed after a long day with the Championship show. Overall I was pleased with my main winners and many aspects of the entries as a whole. Movement was a bit inconsistent, and whilst dentition was mostly good, there were some bite issues. Heads continue to be a problem for some with large back skulls, short narrow muzzles which presents a sharp wedge as opposed to an elongated blunt wedge. Front movement is hindered by the lack of length of upper arm, making loose elbows and swinging front limbs.

VD (4,2)
1st Sommerville’s Diego’s De Boer, ShCM, 8 year old  squarely built and well balanced in profile. Head in proportion to body, with a good wedge shape and dark almond shaped eyes. Front assembly is good, with very good shoulder placement and whilst the upper arm is slightly upright it is of correct length. Rear assembly matches the front, with enough turn of stifle. Body shape is excellent with strong topline which was held during very good flowing movement, leading to correct croup and tailset. BVIS.
2ndRichardson’s Ch Purroma Dark Impression at Jasprico, Powerful black male of 8 years old. Long wedge shaped head with good muzzle depth, but would prefer a wider muzzle and more fill under eyes. Under jaw could be better. Good front assembly with excellent shoulders and slightly upright upper arm, with elbows a little loose. Good image in profile in terms of square and balance, but topline is not one continuous slope. Tight cat like feet, and moved very well.

MPD (4,1)
1st Downie’s Knecht Marek, 8 mth, Slightly over standard in size, but this male presented the perfect image when standing and whilst he will need to move with more vigour as he matures, the balance of the movement was first class. Head is excellent wedged shape, and long with the darkest of almond eyes leading into long clean neck and throat. Shoulder placement is very good, with legs correctly positioned under them and upper arm of correct matching length and standing of cat like tight feet. Would prefer a little more return of upper arm, but the front angulation matched the rear perfectly giving the lovely balanced look when standing and when moving. Perfect topline with no breaks, and correct croup and tailset.  BD & RBIS
2nd Coutts Caadak Dunni Wassal, very square 6 mth puppy with another excellent wedged head and correct dark almond eyes. Correct sloping topline into correct tailset and croup. Requires more depth at brisket which hopefully will come as he matures. His front is straighter than #1, with his upper arm more upright. His rear assembly has matching angulation. Moved with good balance.
3rd Goodall’s Mianna’s Impossible Dream

PD (1,1)
1st Coll’s Caadak Haud YerWheesht von Coltregan, 6 mth wonderful wedged head, and eyes of correct almond shape and darkest colour. The front assembly has very good shoulders but upper arm was upright although of correct length. Matching rear angulation needing a little more turn of stifle. Very square in shape with slight high withers but otherwise an excellent sloping topline and clean croup and tailset. Not quite settled on the day.

JD (1,1)
1st Wheatman’s Krieger Yamboo. Strong square male, with a good length of head which would be better for a greater width of muzzle and less width of back skull so as to show a correct elongated wedge. The front assembly is slightly open with shoulders a little upright but correct length of upper arm and legs directly under the shoulders. Excellent topline until the croup, which is slightly lower than required. Moved with a lot of drive and power.

YD (4,2)
1st Graham and Richardson’s Jasprico Midnight Runner with Sharhyste, 18 month old, Good wedge shaped head from the front, with long muzzle that could be wider and deep set eyes of correct shape and colour. When viewed from the side the wedge is spoiled by unparallel head planes. Front assembly has good shoulder placement upper arm of correct equal length, although a little upright. Rear assembly could be better angulated but is matched to front. Short, strong back which is held on the move, and very good balanced movement.
2ndCampbell’s Malibray Best For Last at Jillanjon, 18 month. Head is not as good as #1, with a wider back skull and muzzle could be longer. Correct dark almond shaped eyes. Longer cast than #1, with a topline that could be tidier, and firmer on the move. Excellent shoulders and a good upper arm give a very good front assembly. Rear assembly is a little straight. Moved with good power and balance, but elbows could be tighter on the move.

ND (1,1)
1st Downie’s Knecht Marek

GD (1,0)
1st Caldicott’s Amazon Russian Roulette withPhilmont, 12 month black standard sized dog. Body shape is good, with excellent topline, correct tailset and croup. The head is very strong and slightly oversized compared to body, with good depth and width of muzzle, and decent length of head overall, but too wide in back skull and lacks under jaw. Front assembly has excellent shoulder placement and upper arm which is slightly upright and could be longer, standing on generally tight feet, although outside left toe is not as tight as desired. Profile movement is excellent, but front legs could be tighter to elbow when moving.

PGD (2,1)
1stCairns’ Dronski’s Amadeus JW, Square black male of 18 months, with very good wedge shaped head of good length, correct muzzle proportions and not wide in back skull. Correct almond shaped eyes, of good colour. Clean neck, leading into a topline which should be stronger and has a slight break behind the withers. Front has very good shoulders, but upper arm could be longer and have better return. Body shape is good overall, but lacks depth at brisket. Stands of tight cat like feet which slightly knuckle over. Rear angulation is good, and the dog has good profile movement.
2nd Lack’s Garuda von Dockermann (Imp). Substantial dog of 21 months with short strong back and square profile shape. Head of good length, with good overall proportions Neck could be longer and throat a little cleaner. Front assembly is a little straight but has correct length of upper arm to shoulders. Matching rear angulation, standing on good tight feet. Moved very well.

LD (5,2)
1st Robertson’s Cockneyoka Highlander, with very good wedge shaped head, but would prefer less width of back skull, good depth and width of muzzle, eye shape is good with correct colour, correct cat feet. Shoulders excellent, upper arm of correct length but slightly upright. Withers are slightly high spoiling an otherwise excellent topline. Well let down to brisket and good underline. Correctly defined rust markings. Correct tailset and croup. Movement excellent. RBD.
2nd Marsden and Harrington’s Newfords Eleventh Hour. Close to #1 . Broader back skull and muzzle could be wider. Very good depth of muzzle, but would prefer more projection of u/j. Feet could be tighter. Slightly high in withers, otherwise topline is good, with correct croup and tailset. Shoulder placement is good, with correct return of upper arm, which could be longer. Rear matches in angles.
3rd Sambrook’s Ruholfia Aragorn

OD (3,0)
1st Feeney’s Ch Italo Elite House (Imp). Tall dog with strong head, which could be longer in muzzle, and is slightly heavy over the brow. Eyes correct in shape and colour, wonderful expression. Good shoulder placement, and upper arm of good length returning correctly to leave legs under the shoulders, and standing on correct cat like feet. Excellent strong topline held correctly on the move. Strong mover, both in profile and when moving in a straight line.
2nd Goddard’s Multi/Int Ch Newford Cranbury Fizz. Smaller than winner, square dog, with very good topline and correct croup and tailset, and well let down to brisket and more tuck up than #1. Front assembly very good, with correct shoulders and good return of upper arm, which could be longer. Rear angulation is good. Head of good length, slightly wide in back skull and lacks under jaw of #1.  Eye shape correct with good colour. Interesting expression with high set right ear. Moved very well.
3rd Talbot & Welsh’s Chancepixies Trophy at Nevetshell

VB (4,2)
1st Layton’s Supetas C’est La Vie for Kaistart, 7 year old with very good wedge head shape, correct width of  back-skull, muzzle could be longer but has correct width with good fill under eye, and excellent depth of muzzle and decent under jaw. Very alert and attentative. Topline is good, but becomes a little bumpy towards the croup. Tailset correct. Moved very well. BVB
2nd Talbot’s Chancepixies Jade, 7 yr old, long wedge shaped head, but a little wide in back-skull and slightly round eyes with lighter colour than #1. Muzzle is of good length, with good depth, but lacks the under jaw of #1. Good front assembly with shoulder and upper arm of matching length and satisfactory return of upper arm. Short topline, which could be cleaner and slight drop at croup. Moved very well.

 MPB (7,2)
1st Wilkinson’s Sofia Del Nasi, brown 6 mth with excellent long wedged shaped head. Excellent projection of under jaw and correct eye shape and colour, but slightly unparallel head planes. Long clean neck leading into a very good front assembly leaving clean withers leading into an excellent slightly sloping topline. Stands on good cat like feet. Well angulated rear. Excellent flowing movement when not looking at the handler.
2nd Robertson’s Cockneyoka Moondance Rebel, 7 mth with long wedge shaped head. Head planes nearly parallel, good fill under eyes which are of excellent shape and colour. Not as long in neck as #1 leading into slight high withers and a good topline which could be firmer. Front assembly has good shoulders and correct length of upper arm, and is matched by the rear angulation. Pushed #1 hard, but not quite as clean an image overall.
3rd Murray and Goodall’s Mianna’s Cracklin Rose at Luptez.

PB (3,1)
1st Robertson’s Proud Danish Favourite Fleur, 11 month brown with good long wedge shaped head, which has correct width of muzzle and back skull. Eyes of correct almond shape and correct colour for a brown. Really good overall body shape, but would prefer a stronger topline, and she has a slight drop of croup. Front assembly could be better with a better return of upper arm, but length of upper arm is in proportion to shoulder length and overall good front and rear angulation. Moved very well.
2ndWestfield’s Isabella Du Wot A Thriller, 7 month smaller than #1. Overall a little longer than required, could have a tidier topline and would benefit from more angulation front and rear. Head shows a good wedge shape, but is a little wide in back skull and would be better for a longer muzzle, although the muzzle has very good depth. Body shape is good with correct underline and let down to brisket. Stands of tight cat like feet, with good strength yet feminine look. Movement was balanced but did not flow.

JB (5,1)
1st Sommerville’s Stormholds Capela, 14 months old, with lovely head of good length and not too wide in back skull. Deep set eyes, of correct shape and colour. Clean neck, leading into slightly high withers, but otherwise excellent topline. Slightly upright shoulders making the withers high. Upper arm of good length but again a little straight. Good body shape, and slightly straight behind. Moved with balance.
2nd Balshaw’s Remesca’s Vida Loca. Smaller than #1, head of good length and but broad in back skull. Expression good, and ears correct. Good tight feet. Front assembly is very good, with correct shoulders, and return of upper arm is good but upper arm could be longer. Slightly high withers spoiling the sloping topline which leads into a correct tailset. Profile movement is good.
3rd Harkness’ Jeujann Nazzurra

YB (6,2)
1st Fisher’s Dronski’s Adele at Lintoya, 18 month black was the best mover of the day, so clean in movement when viewed from all angles. Head of excellent length, with good width and drop of muzzle and the correct wedge shape completed by a skull that is not wide. Well filled under eyes, which are of correct shape and dark. Excellent under jaw to finish the head profile wedge shape. Standing on the tightest of feet, with a front assembly of good shoulders and correct matching length upper arm, which could have better return. Body shape is well defined, with excellent topline and croup, and correct tuck up for the underline. Rear angulation could be better, but used to move with drive and vigour whilst perfectly holding her shape as she went around the ring. BIS
2ndGriffiths’ McKennah Belicia at Amios (Imp) 14 months old, slightly taller than #1, square in shape. Good length of head, but a little wide in skull, correct almond shaped eyes, which are darkest of black. Neck could be cleaner and was not as long as #1. Topline could be firmer but correct underline. Shoulders are excellent and upper arm of correct length, albeit slighty upright. Moved very well, without the flow of #1
3rdRichardson’s Jasprico Kokorico

MB (3,0)
1st Law & Graham’s Sharhyste’s Razzle Shazzle at Heatherland, 16 month old of standard size and strong feminine head. Wedge shaped when view from both front and side, with good width and depth of muzzle, and back skull of correct proportions. Neck could be longer and cleaner as she is a little throaty, leading into a topline which is uneven, and finished with correct croup and tailset. Front assembly with excellent shoulders, but upright upper arm which could be longer. Would benefit from more rear angulation, but still moved with considerable reach and good balance.
2nd Kelly, Parle & Kelly’s Krieger Yehris
3rd Wright’s Itavia Wot A Thriller at Kamroyal.

NB (2,1)
1stRichardson’s Jasprico Kokorico, 18 months with head of good length containing eyes of correct almond shape which are slightly deep set. Good under jaw but head planes could be better. Square shaped profile, with a sloping topline which could be firmer. Correct under line making an ovrall very good body shape. Front assembly with good shoulders and a short slightly upright upper arm. Good rear, and moved well. Could have darker markings.

GB (5,3)
1st Mullholland’s Tom Dober Stardust Marillium, 20 months, quite a big female, with excellent wedge shaped head, containing correct back skull size, and correct muzzle except she could have more under jaw. Front assembly with excellent shoulders, but a lack of return of upper arm, which spoils an otherwise excellent profile image. Sufficient rear angulation adding to a balanced profile image. She has a correct slightly sloping topline, with a slight rise over the withers which was more apparent when she moved. Movement itself was balanced.
2nd Ballshaw’s Remesca’s Vida Loca

PGB (3,1)
1st Wetherall’s Kodam Full Stop. 2 year of standard size, with a head that is more like a shortened sharp wedge due to lack of width of muzzle, and wide back skull. Would prefer a deeper stop, but eye shape and colour are correct. Good length neck with clean throat leads into a front assembly which is a little straight in both shoulders and upper arm. Topline is good from behind the withers, which rises at a greater rate than the rest of the topline. Moved well.
2nd Graham’s Sharhystes Storm Angel, 2 year old with shorter head than desired. The wedge shape suffers from the lack of length of muzzle, and would prefer more under jaw. Eye shape is correct, but could be darker. Neck of good length, but is throaty. Topline lacks the required slope, whilst underline is well tucked up. Front assembly has good shoulders, but would benefit from a better return of upper arm. Moved well with balance.

LB (5,3)
1st Parson’s Ottia Lady Gaga, 2 year old with head of good length, good depth and width of muzzle, but could benefit from more under jaw. Back skull is a little wide, but overall a very good wedge shape. Eye colour and shape are correct, with strong expression. Good length of neck, but slightly throaty. Front assembly of good shoulders, with correct return and length of upper arm, leaving legs correctly below shoulders standing of tight cat like feet. Rear angulation good and better than #2, and excellent sloping topline. Moved with drive and balance. RBB.
2nd McColl & Feeney’s Cockneyoka High Society from Diego, slightly longer cast than #1, with excellent wedge shaped head when viewed from both the front and the side. Deep set eyes of correct shape and colour. Front assembly of good shoulders, but slightly short upper arm which could have better return. Good body shape with very good sloping topline and good tuck, and rear assembly which were not as good as #1. Very good movement.

OB (11,5)
1stHull’s Gaindyke Ells Bells, 4 year old with lovely head shape of correct proportions and parallel planes. Would prefer more under jaw, but otherwise the head is excellent, with correct dark almond shaped eyes. Very attentive with excellent expression. A little straight in front assembly is matched by rear. Front legs correctly under shoulders standing on tight feet. Excellent topline leads into slightly low croup and correct tailset. Very good mover.
2nd Roberts and Nailor’s Roblore Bebopalula, brown of 2 years. Great square body shape, with very good front angulation from very good shoulders. Upper arm is slightly upright but is of correct length. Plenty of rear angulation. Topline excellent, with heavy tuck up of underline. The head was of medium length, but wide in back skull with rounded light eyes. Moved very well.
3rd Sommerville’s Ch Diegos Temptation with Stormhold