OPEN SHOW Saturday 23rd November 2019

Judge Mr Steve McArdle

I would like to thank the committee of The North Eastern Counties Doberman Society for inviting me to judge at their Open show. Also a big thank you to the exhibitors for the top quality entry and for the sporting way they accepted my decisions. I would also like to thank my steward Colin for the very efficient way he organised the ring for me. I would like  say that holding the Open show on the same day as the championship show is a great idea which benefits judges, exhibitors and spectators. Dobermann exhibitors in this area are very lucky to have such a forward thinking committee who made me very welcome and I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Class 2 MPD
1st Robinsons Korifey Ivan, 6mth Bl/R high quality puppy who really does tick all the boxes and being shown at his first show. Head and skull of good proportions , dark almond shaped eyes, good mouth, good reach of neck set onto  correct shoulders, straight front with ample bone and tight well arched feet, square in outline, loved his top line leading down to strong rear hindquarters with a good width of thigh which enabled him to display reach and drive on the move . A bright future awaits this promising youngster. Pleased to award him BPIS

Class 4  Junior Dog
1st Cairns Avector Teraline Du Russia at Lamarg  17mth Bl/R  Tall upstanding male shown and presented in beautiful condition , strong masculine head , dark eyes, ample forechest  with a good depth of rib, great length of foreleg down  to strong pasterns with tight well arched feet, well muscled quarters which he used to his advantage on the move .

Class 5 Yearling Dog
Todds Holyhell’s Harry ‘s Boy  for Toffarbach JW (Imp Serb ) 20 mth Bl/R
Strong male.  head of good proportions dark eyes with a keen expression, neck of good length, correct well muscled forechest with strong shoulders, straight front down to tight well arched feet, short firm back, down to well angulated muscled rear quarters, just needed to settle on the move.

Class 7 Graduate Dog
1st Avector Teraline Du Russia at Lamarg
( winner of junior )

Class 8 PGD
1st Grace & Lawsons Nerak Wot A Dream
Br/T not  the tallest  of dogs but everything was in proportion, typical well developed head with good skull to muzzle ratios, straight front , good bone, square in outline with a short firm back , shown to his full potential making the most of the ring on the move .

Class 9 Limit Dog
1st Gardners Korifey Quantum At Sonomara Bl/R 2 year male who really caught my eye when he entered the ring, top quality who has all the essentials and with time should go all the way. Beautiful masculine male head, clean with good depth of muzzle , dark almond shaped eyes with  a good expression , strong  muscular neck with good reach , great forechest with excellent length of foreleg and well off for bone , good depth and spring of rib, lovely in profile, good top line , strong rear quarters, with straight  hocks, superb rear quarters which gave him great rear drive on the move , pleased to award him Best Dog

2nd Brown & Mycroft’s Supeta’s Back Stabber Another high quality 2 year old who really impresses and is a great ambassador for the breed. Bl/R masculine head of good proportions, beautifully balanced with dark eyes and a keen expression, good length and reach of neck set on correct shoulders, straight front , tight feet, square in outline , shorter in back than 1 but preferred head on 1, excellent mover .

3rd Todds Holy Hell’s  Serbian Night Fever at Toffarbach JW Imp Serb

Class 10 Open Dog
1st Ch Repertoire Simply Red  3 year BR/T  male, beautifully  presented and shown in great  condition who ticks all the boxes, classic male head of good proportions with eyes that portray a keen expression, beautiful arched neck which he uses to his advantage, excellent forechest and correct shoulder placement, straight front with strong pasterns, great top line strong rear quarters with good width of thigh , moved effortless with great reach and drive

Class 12 MPB
1st  Bishops Korifey Oksana promising puppy who at 6 months was at her first show and really adapted well to her new  surroundings, very raw but so well put together, pretty feminine head with good skull to muzzle proportions , beautiful arched neck of good length , adequate forechest, straight parallel front , tight feet, square in outline, good depth and spring of rib, correct tail set, hindquarters to develop , movement was what you would expect for a puppy of this age, overall a good performance gaining valuable experience for future shows.

Class 13 PB
1st. Bishops Karifey Oksana

Class 14  JB
1st Brannon, Graham & Mycroft’s  Supeta’s  Whole Lotta Rosie  with Sharhyst   14 mth Br/t beautifully presented and in top condition, feminine head, correct eye shape and colour with a pleasing expression, long lean neck which she used to her advantage , lovely forechest  of great width and depth, correct shoulders onto straight parallel front  with good length of foreleg, beautiful square profile,

with firm top line, strong muscular hindquarters with good width of thigh and correct angulation, moved well displaying great reach and drive, overall a bitch that combines substance with quality but doesn’t lose her femininity.

2nd Cairns Alice Avecci Du Ussr At Lamarg 17 mth  bitch Bl/r well presented in good show condition, an honest bitch whose owner shows her to her full potential,  feminine head with a pleasing expression, dark almond shaped eyes, strong muscular neck onto well placed shoulders, straight front with tight well arched feet, lovely outline with a nice deep chest, coat in lovely condition, strong rear quarters enabled her to maintain correct balance on the move .

3rd Wilsons Pursang Shines Like Stars

Class 15 Yearling Bitch
1st Rodgers  Korifey Black Swan at Nolitari JW  18 mth Bl / r of great quality, really makes her presence felt in the ring and shown in very hard condition,  lovely feminine head with good muzzle to skull ratios, dark eyes with a keen expression,
strong neck, well muscled forechest, nice straight front combined with strong pasterns, welll off for bone but not overdone, good depth of brisket, square in outline , strong muscular rear quarters with great definition enabled her to move around the ring displaying good reach and drive

Class 16 Novice Bitch

1st Cairns Alice Avecci Du USSR at Lamarg
(2nd in Junior)

Class 17 Graduate Bitch
1st Tyler’s Nyx Asteki Wot A Thriller ( Imp Fra) 2 year Bl/r  well developed feminine  head, dark expressive eyes, strong neck neatly set onto shoulders, good front, nice outline, correct top line, good tail set, well angulated rear quarters, moved well making the most of the ring.

Class 18 PGB
1st Jones ‘s. Cara Iz Zoosfery For Korifey
17mth Bl/r  high quality tall  upstanding bitch who really impressed me on entering the ring and who has the potential to go a long way, lovely feminine head of correct proportions, kind dark eyes , beautiful long neck with good reach set on correct shoulders , straight front with plenty of bone , strong pasterns with excellent tight feet, beautiful outline with a deep chest,  correct top line, well developed rear quarters with good width of thigh, great mover maintaining correct balance.

Class 19 Limit Bitch
1st Mycrofts Sant Kreal Jewel For Supeta’s JW Br/r 23 mth beautifully presented in great show condition, typical head with good skull to muzzle ratios, almond shaped eyes of correct colour , strong powerful neck, broad forechest, good front with ample bone, deep chest, square in outline, strong firm back, really strong well muscled rear quarters , moved well in profile displaying reach and drive.

Class 20 Open

An amazing class with two top class bitches
1st Ingrams Ch Jojavik Penelope Pitstop JW   Very strong in all departments her attributes are many and her faults are few . I was really pleased to be given the opportunity to judge this bitch. 5 years of age and in her prime. Classy feminine head of correct proportions , dark eyes with a lovely expression, beautiful long neck with great reach onto well developed strong shoulders, the best of forechests, lovely straight parallel front, her gleaming black coat helping to give her the sharpest of outlines, strong  rear quarters enabled her to display great power and drive with pace and precision around the ring. Pleased to award her BB and BIS

2nd Ingrams Ch Jojavik Devils Ivy JW
Another extremely high quality 20 mth bitch who today unfortunately found herself in very strong company. This one really does tick all the boxes, and is also very strong in all departments.Another one I was pleased to be given the opportunity to judge. Beautifully balanced head of correct proportions, strong muscular neck onto correct shoulders, lovely straight front, with the tightest of feet, good bone, square in outline, nice deep chest with well sprung ribs, correct tail set, Well developed quarters with good angulation.

Movement was balanced with a strong rear action enabling her to display great power and strength.
Just preferred the height and substance of one, but never the less a stunning bitch.


Steve McArdle