Judge Liz Dunhill (Fantasia)

Thank you for a fabulous entry of 55. Thank you to the committee for the invitation it was a great honour. Invariably the size & type of ring can dictate your placings & this was no exception. We had a great mat for moving however would like to see these dog on a grass ring as full potential is never reached on an indoor surface, & I felt movement on some reflected that. Some were good on the stack however lacked reach & drive in profile, some loose fronts & roaching toplines. I was highly delighted with my winners, & had some tough decisions in some classes.

BIS was Ch/Ir Ch Jojavik Poison Ivy

RBIS, Supeta Trouble Maker for Toffarbach

BP, Korifey Envy.

PD (4) Litter brothers.
1 Korifey Rage, 10 month b/t, fabulous boy, super head, with excellent planes, dark eye, giving pleasing expression, well carried ears, dry backskull, reachy neck, correct shoulder & upper arm, excellent forechest, straight front, tight feet. Short coupled, well ribbed back & short in loin, good depth to body, slightly sloping topline, well set on tail. Excellent chest for age, excellent rear angulation, moved with style & effortless side gait. BPD, beaten by his sister;
2 Korifey Brave, another lovely dog, preferred the head & expression of the winner, he being heavier in ear & stronger in head. Good dentition & strong in underjaw, strong neck, super body, slightly longer cast, good depth to chest, super sound on the move, with sound rear action, topline held on the move with well carried tail. Two super dogs.

JD (5)
1 Malibray Kilchocomon, two brothers. Brown/t 10 month, medium sized male of good proportions & type, excellent head, good planes & strong underjaw, neat well placed ears, dark eye giving kind expression, good neck & shoulder, tight feet, good topline, a little off at croup, moderate rear, moved soundly, best mover in the class;
2 Malibray Rhuvaal at Telenndu, 10 month male, pleasing head with good planes, good dentition. Lighter in frame than his brother, not quite the shoulder or prosternum development, & a little east west, moderate rear angulation, if a little loose in hock. Well carried tail, this boy is still raw & needs some time to mature & fit it all together, maturity will be of benefit, moved OK in profile.

YD (1)
1 Lamarg Expresso, 14 month brown male of good square outline, head strong in backskull, slight roman finish to muzzle & not using his ears, needs more neck due to shoulder forward placed, needing more forechest, moderate rear angulation, good square shape, moved soundly.

ND (6)
1 K Rage;
2 Malibray Kilchomon. GD 1 Smart’s Wood Hills Dietrich at Mattacane, 22 month black, medium sized with good bone. Decent head, good planes, well carried ears dark eye & calm expression. Shoulder forward placed, & arching his topline, & off at croup, with low set tail, good rear & strong hocks, moved OK.

PGD (3,1)
1 Sharhyste Dark Reflection at Jasprico, 6 year old male of good body proportions, head lacking in foreface & strength to underjaw. Decent shoulder & topline, well carried tail, slightly sloping topline, straight front, moved soundly with precision;
2 Jaktay Arrakis.

LD (3)
1 Supeta Trouble Maker for Toffarbach, 3 year old stylish male of super type & balance, excellent head, correct head planes, dark eye, well carried ears, super neck & shoulder, excellent prosternum development, straight front, tight feet, excellent sloping topline, well angulated & muscled hindquarters, excellent tail carriage, moved effortlessly with excellent profile action, giving excellent reach & drive in profile, made an excellent pair with the bitch winner, pleasure to see these two compete, such an accurate mover. BD;
2 Jojavik Bullet Proof Bomb, black male, loved his short compact outline, super head & expression, well placed ears, & good foreface. Super shoulder, but short upper arm & loose in front on the move. Excellent topline & tailset, super rear. Couldn’t match the first in profile action but a very typy male.

OD (7,2)
1 Stromhold Elite Warlord, brown, 2 years 6 months, excelled on the move, good size & bone, masculine head, would like a better eye shape & more fill to foreface, & cleaner lip line. Good shoulder & sloping topline, excellent rear, well carried tail, powered around the ring with excellent reach & drive;
2 Ch Jojavik Elite Mafia, on the stand the easy winner. Prefer the shape, head & outline of this male. Super head type, well placed ears, excellent foreface & head planes, strong neck, excellent topline & tailset, strong rear, although good shoulder & prosternum development, he was a little short in upper arm, did not move well on this floor, giving him a rather short stepping action, would like to see him on grass.

MPB (1) A.

PB (3)
1 Korifey Envy, loved this bitch, so feminine & stylish, pretty head, well placed ears & dark expressive eyes, excellent head planes, good underjaw & foreface. Good neck & shoulder, leading into correct sloping back line with correct tail, well developed forechest for age, straight front & tight feet, strong rear which she uses well. Excellent profile action, to take BP, just loved her;
2 Jojavik Domino Derval, the baby of the class, very stylish bitch, with pleasing head, well placed ears, dark eye, good bite & fill to foreface. I like her short compact shape & outline, straight front, tight feet, excellent topline & tailset, strong rear, moved well for a baby. Much more to come.

JB (7)
1 Supeta Pocket Rocket at Sharshyste, ultra typy black bitch, compact stylish outline, strong but feminine head, high set ears, dark eye, good foreface & head planes, good bite, good neck & shoulder, excellent sloping topline & well set on tail, balanced angulated quarters, fabulous rotary action on the move, so stylish & precise action, a pleasure to award her RBB to the open winner;
2 Dobshangrila Rebellion, another lovely female, not quite the head of the winner, great skull & ears, would like more foreface, for preference. Good neck & shoulder great topline & tailset well. Excellent front & forechest, balanced hindquarters, moved well in profile.

1 Smartwood Hill Dietrich at Mattacane, was a good third in last class. Brown female of excellent type & balance. Pretty head, well placed ears, dark eye of good shape, would like more fill to foreface, loved her square outline & correct slightly sloping topline, well carried tail, if double curl, excellent forechest, balanced muscular rear, moved very well, with strong hocks with great profile action;
2 Vondestram Valeska, 12 month black, super outline, moderately angulated all through, feminine head, well placed ears, & proportions good for age, moved well, but not the drive of the winner much more to come with maturity.

NB (4,1)
1 Lamarg Exotica, 14 month black female, of good type, pretty head, dark eye, well placed ears, good bite, shoulder somewhat upright, would like more upper arm, straight front. Excellent feet, a little off at croup & low tailset, hindquarters balancing the forehand, moved with balanced action;
2 Vonedstram Vanechka at Jillanjon, brown bitch, longer than winner, one who I upgraded in this class as she performed better than when last seen. Good head, neat ears, would like more fill to foreface, decent shoulder, moderately angulated all through, moved well once settled.

GB (2)
1 Ashling Trypiti, 14 month, medium sized black female with lovely clean lines holding a super outline on the move. Very attractive head, neat ears, dark eye, good planes & foreface for age, excellent neck, good shoulder & front, short coupled with excellent sloping backline & good tailset, medium bone & well angulated rear, moved soundly from strong hocks with good extension in profile. She has so much more to come;
2 S Hill Dietrich at M.

PGB (4)
1 Newfords Linda Lovelace, 3 year old bitch of excellent type & balance, giving compact shape with super clean outline. Feminine head, well placed ears, dark eye, would like more fill to foreface, super neck flowing into excellent shoulder & good topline, good prosternum development, excellent hindquarters, well muscled with firm hocks & well carried tail, moved well all ways, a lovely bitch with lots of appeal;
2 Jacktay Cardinal Sins at Jodaseen, 2 year black female, racy in type, decent head, clean skull, well placed ears, would like more fill to foreface, good bite, shoulder forward placed, & losing her topline being slightly reached, would like more angle all through, & she needs to mature on. Moved OK.

LB (4) 1 Remescas Reet Petite, 3 years brown female with a lot of appeal especially on the move, feminine head, well placed ears when she uses them, dark eye, good foreface & bite, high withers, good front but a little loose in pasterns, excellent forechest, good depth of brisket, excellent topline with correct slope, well balanced hindquarters, well carried tail, loved her side gait, so harmonious & true. Lovely bitch;
2 Kriegar Aphrodite, another super black female of 2½ years, loved her square outline & type. Super feminine head, well placed ears & good planes. Excellent bite & dark eyes. Excellent shoulder, would like more upper arm, well ribbed back & short in loin, well carried tail, hindquarters balancing forehand, very accurate mover, just not the extension of the winner.

OB (6,1)
1 Ch/Ir Ch Jojavik Poison Ivy, I just love this female, a great pleasure to put your hands on her. Excellent head so typical, super shaped eye, well carried ears, excellent head planes, good dentition, excellent neck, flowing into well made withers, excellent prosternum development, & return of upper arm, deep chest & good tuck-up to strong loin, topline excellent with slight slope to well carried tail, excellent muscled hindquarters, strong hocks, her movement is effortless her foot fall perfection, in my opinion a group & BIS winner, an outstanding bitch, pleased to award her BIS;
2 Sharhyste Maid In Essex, another super female, with excellent breed type & feminine attractive head, good skull & well placed ears, well filled foreface & good dentition, strong neck, excellent shoulder & front, excellent topline & tailset, well muscled quarters, moved with excellent reach & drive, a super female; 3 Jasprico Kokorico.

VB (4,2)
1 Ch Supeta Witch Queen, wonderful bitch of 10 years old, still holding her own on the move, super head & expression. Well placed ears, & good chilled foreface, dark eye & lovely expression, excellent front & shoulder, short coupled with excellent topline for age, gave a great account of herself on the move, a credit to her owner breeder, in super condition;
2 Amazon Holding Onto You, another lovely girl, super outline & balance, excellent head & expression, well placed ears, super front, good topline & rear for age, been a real good lookier in her day, a credit to you.